The One Promise That Changed Everything

Have you ever been asked these two questions?

What’s the biggest decision that changed the landscape of your career? 

What did you learn from it?

These were the questions that have changed my life.

My insurance career officially started in 2013, but lessons of attitude and mindset started years before that. Prior to insurance, I owned a successful mortgage company…. until the market crashed in 2008. After the housing market crash, I had no choice but to close the doors to that business.  So, between 2009 and 2013 is a story of self-discovery… and limiting beliefs… both discouraging and encouraging.

You see after this epic collapse, I put my tail between my legs and I spent hours on my resume and I went into corporate America to climb the corporate ladder for about five years… only to discover that the ladder was perched up against the wrong building.  And not only that… when you finally get anywhere near the “top”, it’s a dog fight! Everyone’s fighting for a title or a position. Quickly realizing that lifestyle was not for me, and that I was destined for something greater, I turned my attention elsewhere.

It was at that point I made a decision… a promise to myself.

I made a promise that I was never going to work on my resume ever again.”

At that very moment, what I didn’t realize until later, was the reason I was so committed to that promise was because I saw value in myself – again.  Since suffering a difficult setback of losing, a successful business, several homes and cars, retirement accounts, friends and even dignity.

It took quite some time to overcome a slight self-diagnosis of depression, so it was no surprise that my self-worth was in the red as well.  However, I now had a renewed sense of worth! I remember thinking that what I must offer in my heart and in my intellectual faculties cannot possibly be represented on a piece of paper. And second to that, the person that would “review” that piece of paper and “interview” the human potential, I have found that more times than not, they are not fulfilled or satisfied in their position, yet this very person holds the destiny of YOUR and MY career right in the palm of their hand!  Something to me just didn’t seem right!

So how was a lesson learned from merely making this “decision”?  This “promise” to never work on my resume again?

Greek philosopher, Plato said “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

In other words, until you contemplate what it is that you’re doing… question it… understand it… and can mentally compute what you’re extracting from that experience…until you do that… it means you are not living your life by design but rather living your life by default.

Life by default sounds sad. Life by design evokes hope!

While the “idea” of never working on my resume sounded cool or trend-worthy at the time, I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  If it was like 99% of my other promises I had made to myself, or that other New Year’s “Resolutionists” make, your eyes would not be on these words right now. But when I asked myself…

  How do I really feel about this idea? 

   What’s the meaning of this idea? 

   How can this idea affect me today and my future? 

   And I think most importantly, how many other people are feeling like this out there that I can share this with and positively affect?

That’s when it started to take form. Because I started to act.

How many times has a really good idea popped into your head, only to kill it dead in its tracks simply because of the wrong self-talk. Things like:

   who’s ever going to back this?

   who do I think I am? I’m no inventor…

   that’s a crazy idea! People will think I’m crazy!

SO, within a week, I started putting action steps into place.  I started to make simple plans, and acting.  A close friend had introduced me to the idea of helping families protect what was most precious to them with life insurance.  Within a month, I had done four simple but impactful things to help me succeed in my career path… ok, FIVE… no forgetting the first:

1. Stick to my promise – no resume!

2. Travel to a conference to discover if this was the right fit

3. Take and pass my license

4. Surround myself with an inner circle of support, encouragement and leadership

5. Find a continual growth plan to improve myself to add value to others.

It wasn’t until years later that I was able to pull lessons from that tumultuous “fall from grace.” And it wasn’t until I decided to never work on my resume ever again.

Ask yourself one important question.  

How much value do you see in yourself? 

I believe everyone has a story and deserves a second chance. While I don’t know your story, I do know that you need a plan and I do think that your plan should be written down.

It can start with a simple one or two steps… like making a promise to the most important human in your life -YOURSELF.

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About Pablo Troncoso

Having lived in three different continents by the age of 7, Pablo learned to adapt, connect and work with people of diverse backgrounds at an early age. His proudest moments include his inspirational failures and recoveries over the past 10 years in the insurance and financial industries. Pablo, in his twenties ran a million dollar mortgage company leading up to the market collapse of 2008, and for the last four years has become a highly successful independent life and retirement agent. The story in that time gap is one of limiting beliefs and growth. Building an insurance leadership community with fellow John Maxwell Team members has been his most spirited project that will greatly impact an industry ready for inspired growth His passion to encourage, add value, and help people realize and grow into their potential has been the cornerstone of his purpose.


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